Practical Parenting by Charles and Joanne Bultman

Our Bio

The year was 1967; a beautiful bride walked down the aisle, and became my wife. We had happy dreams of a farm and 3-5 children, but as time went on God showed us He had other plans for us.
I went to school and taught high-schoolers, and Joanne stayed at home and taught children of all ages.  The battles we faced over the years came like waves- little children with so many needs; teenagers sneaking out, full of anger and contemplating suicide. We made so many mistakes. But in our small attempts of obedience and struggles to do what was right, we have been completely blown away by how God has met us. He has turned our mistakes and feeble efforts into something beautiful.
We have eleven children. One is a pastor, three have married pastors, each one has shown a real desire to follow God with their lives.
How is this possible? Only by God’s grace. -That is what we desire to tell people.

How did it work practically?  That’s the funny part.
The tricks we learned, and the Biblical principles, which were so important in our parenting, are what we present. We hope they will be an encouragement to you as you raise your children for God.

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